[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]One of the most frequently asked question at Sunberry Fitness is “Do you have any recommendations for good dancing shoes?” Just like a good pair of Runners is important to a Marathon runner, A good pair of dancing shoes will enhance your Zumba experience and prevents injuries. So What should you be looking for in a good pair of shoes for Zumba or other group fitness classes?


Here are the 3 important features:

1) Comfort – Doesn’t matter what others say, a good pair of shoes needs to suit YOUR feet. Always try them on before purchase, walk and jump in them – you should feel supported and comfortable.


2) Check the bottom of the shoes – The bottom of the shoe should be relatively flat eg: no big grooves, so it will slides well when you are dancing, but should have strong enough grip so you have a strong stance and does not feel slippery. This is especially important during cool-down and stretching.

runners bottom

Here is an example: picture above from left to right:

1) Nike Free 4.0 V4 (For Running)

2) Nike Free 5.0 TR4 (For Group Fitness and Dance)

3) Nike Free 5.0 TR5 (For Group Fitness and Dance)

As you can see, the bottom of #1 & #3 actually looks more similar; however, their functionality is very different. Reason is because their insoles are different, and the sole of #1 is wider than #3.

If you take a closer look at #2 & #3, the bottom are being cut into diamond shapes – these help you slide well & stop fast when you are dancing, and gives you a very strong grip when you needed.

If these are too much to remember, one in doubt, always try them on. Walk, jump, and slide in them! And you WILL FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.


3) Color and Print – you can look fashionable in Runners too! If you like to stick with simple black tights, a pair of bright colored runners will be the perfect match.


My personal Recommendation & Where to buy:

I personally recommend Nike Free 5.o TR4 or TR5. (TR5 is the newer model, so all TR4 are on sale) If you are in Canada, look out for Sports Chek’s customer appreciation day sale. 20% off everything including all the new models!

These shoes are recommended for Indoor exercise only.

Disclaimer: We not affiliated with nor sponsored by Nike. However, we welcome solicitation from Nike to offer Group discount for Sunberry Members 😉[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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