Here is our Second Round of  Silent Auction for “Workout to Conquer Cancer” fundraising. We want to thank the Empower Health team for sponsoring us these great services! They have wonderful staff and a beautiful clinic, right across the commercial skytrain station 🙂

Bid each service individually. Bid starting at $10 for each service (bid in studio only, sorry no online bidding)


1) Chiropractic Visit with Dr. Brandon Cross, DC  (Value $80)

2) Acupuncture Visit with Boglarka Csuba, RAc  (Value $115)

3) Massage Session with Joshua Borlase, RMT  (Value $95)

4) Initial Trauma Release Therapy (TRE) Visit with Jane Courtney, RN, BSN  (Value $150)

5) Bowen Therapy Visit with Shink Park, Bowen Therapist  (Value $100)

Bowen is a gentle soft tissue therapy induces a natural state of healing and regeneration and is effective in both chronic and acute conditions from asthma and migraines, to acute sports injury and chronic pain. Bowen is a profound method for inducing whole body healing, targeting the nervous, fascial and lymphatic systems. Bowen targets, intercepts and reduces pain signals, increases circulation and helps you detoxify.

6) Initial Naturopathic Visit with Dr. Julie Cahill, ND (Value $180)

During this 1 hour, your Naturopathic Doctor will ask your health history and current symptoms and any other relevant questions to gain a better understanding of yourself and how the ND can assist in promoting your health.

The treatment is given during the appointment – supplements, acupuncture, adjustments, homeopathic medicine, botanical tinctures, etc.

 By the end of your appointment, you and your ND will have a solid plan for your health and how as a team will achieve this.

7) Private MELT session with Dr. Rae St. Arnault, ND (Value $120)

For clients new to the MELT Methods, this is 1 hour of one-on-one instruction.  We will go over all of the basics and get you started on your own home practice that will help you revolutionise how you move and feel.  MELT Soft Body Roller and Balls are provided here at the clinic, however, because the main benefit of MELT is developing your own home practice, it is highly recommended that you own your own set for home.  These are available for purchase at Empower Health for your convenience, or you can order them from the US online.  It is also highly recommended to purchase the MELT Method book for your own reference.


If you have any questions regarding these services, Contact Empower Health:

Address: 208-2555 Commercial Dr, Vancouver

Phone: 604-336-2844



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