“Feel your body and mind”

Sonia You

Sonia came to Sunberry all the way from Korea, where she earned a PhD in Sports Psychology, and studied and gained experience in many disciplines.

She is now a certified Aerobics, Yoga, Dance Sports, and Recreational Instructor; she is also a certified chiropractic and muscle and diet manager (So you know she knows her stuff!).

Sonia offers a wholesome approach to her classes: she believes connecting body and mind is the key to experiencing a more fulfilling session.

Her kindness and care show throughout, as she is always very attentive to all her students and mindful about preventing any injuries, while guaranteeing a vigorous and enjoyable class.

Sonia’s Classes

Cardio Dance Fitness

An all time favorite for new and old customers. This class includes a variety of dance styles such as: Latin, Hip Hop, and belly dance. (Learn More)

90’s Dance Fitness

Dance to your favorite tracks from the 90's makes workout so much more fun! (Learn More)

Flow Yoga

Inhale and exhale as you move gently and smoothly from one yoga pose to another in this flow-style Yoga class. (Learn More)

Sonia’s Schedule


What Can I Expect in Sonia's Classes?

Sonia’s Cardio Dance Fitness classes are known to be high energy, fun, easy to follow, at the same time being a very fulfilling workout!

She is very clear with her instructions and observes each participants during the class, and will encourage and motivate the class accordingly.

Her classes have a carefully designed aerobic arch. Many customers has described this as a different type of “deep sweating” where the sweat is coming from deep within, and you will be left feeling with an inner happiness knowing that you have worked out.

Sonia’s Yoga class focuses on fundamental techniques. Her instructional style is popular with beginners with very little or no yoga experience. There are also a group of intermediate yoga practitioners that comes to her class in order to advance their techniques.

Sonia also incorporates self-massage and stretching techniques in her class. Customers can finish the class feeling lose and relaxed, and they describe her class as therapuetic. 

Who are Sonia's classes suitable for?

There are 2 groups of people we usually recommend to Sonia’s class.

1. People with no fitness or dance background. Sonia’s clear instructional style is easier to pick up, usually customers can start following with no problem within 2 to 3 classes

2. People who have done Zumba, aerobics, etc for awhile. Her classes are high energy with powerful moves and upbeat music. They are extremely enjoyable for customers who are looking for a high energy workout. 

If you are highly advanced in your fitness and coordination level, then her class will be a recovery workout for you.

Is 90's Dance Fitness & Cardio Dance Fitness the same?

No, she designed them with different aerobics arches.

90’s Dance Fitness is full of retro tracks from the 70’s to early 2000’s. This class has a constant medium intensity throughout. You will start feeling the sweat 1/3-1/2 through the class.

The Cardio Dance Fitness is designed to raise your heart rate and make you sweat. It’s full of tracks that will make your heart rate raise!

Does Sonia teach private classes?

Yes. But due to an old neck injury, Sonia can only teach limited numbers of cardio classes per week.

She is only takes on private yoga classes at the moment. If you are interested, contact us for detail below.

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