Jan 22, 2020

12 Things To Do If You Are Single Around Valentine’s Day In Vancouver

Daily Hive

Jan 23, 2017

Bunny Yoga could be the cutest Valentine’s weekend event ever

BCIT Enactus Club

Nov 28, 2016

Futurpreneur Canada

Apr 11, 2016

A thank you from Julia Zu and Nancy Lin of Sunberry Fitness in Richmond, British 
Columbia to mentor Gary Bizzo

Mingpao Canada

June 23, 2016

學霸棄高薪 為圓創業夢

Find out how Sunberry owners Nancy & Julia quit their promising jobs at the federal government and TD Toronto HQ, and start Sunberry Fitness to fulfill their childhood dreams of owning a business.
They experienced many setbacks, lucky breaks and eventually winning the support of their many customers & instructors.

Richmond News

May 26, 2016

Driver error suspected after car crashes into business

Richmond News

March 10, 2016

Local fitness business has more to it than bunnies

Nancy Lin and Julia Zu, co-owners of Sunberry Fitness are looking to grow their women-only, dance-focused workout studio in the West Cambie area with a push into the online marketplace, rather than expand in the old-fashioned, bricks and mortar way.


March 28, 2016

Spotlight on Sunberry Fitness:
Bringing Bunnies to the Yoga Mat For a Good Cause

Peace Arch News

March 3, 2016

Semi alum roars to victory

Former Delta high school student, Chris Ku, was part of the Sunberry Fitness team along with 5 other BCIT students and Sunberry founders Nancy & Julia that took 1st place competing against 13 other established small businesses from Lower Mainland at The 8th Annual Lion’s Lair competition.

Lion’s Lair is based on the popular TV show, Dragon’s Dan. Each business had to pitch to a panel of experts competing for investment fund.

Unlike Dragon’s Dan, each business that went through Lion’s Lair received 6 weeks of help growing and planning their business from the BCIT Enactus Club and BCIT expert instructors.

Embers Vancouver

February 15, 2016

Small Business Owners Leap to Success

Fairchild TV

March 20, 2016

How Sunberry got Started

Watch Nancy and Julia’s interview on their journey to Sunberry Fitness.

Bunny Yoga

In September 2015, a long time Sunberry member, Alexa, suggested that we should have bunny in our yoga classes. She meant it as a joke, but we thought it was a fabulous idea!

Alexa introduced us to Janet & Krystel at Banaids for Bunnies, a local rabbit rescue and shelter. We all agreed this would be a fun & unique charity event. As it turned out, so did everyone else.

We host the charity classes on a regular basis, check the Bunny Yoga page for more Detail.

Metro News

go! on Shaw TV Vancouver

BCIT Enactus Club


CBC News

Huffington Post

Paris Match

Herald Sun


Georgia Straight

July 1, 2015

Canada Day celebrations take place across the Lower Mainland

Sunberry take part in celebrating Canada Day at the Salmon Festival!

Gangnam Style

Former Sunberry instructor, Lisa Kirby, is always at the forefront of the hottest trends. Just as Psy’s “Gangnam Style” was getting hot, she told Nancy the idea of making a special class dedicated to that.

With lots of excitement and very little marketing budget, Nancy dragged Julia along all of No. 3 Rd (the day after Julia returned from her vacation in Australia) handing out black and white posters promoting the class. Little did they knew this class would attract media attention…

Metro News

Toronto Star

Huffington Post


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