As many of you have realized that the Barre Fitness class is no longer on our schedule.

We are not cancelling it for the sake of cancelling it, but 2 weeks ago Joanna told us that she went to the doctor’s for her old injury. The doctor told her that there’s fluid build up in both of her wrist, and that surgery is required to remove it. If all goes well she will be able to teach again in a few month.

Meanwhile, Reyanna will be taking over the Friday 7-8pm time slot & Marilu is getting ready to teach Barre in the coming two months or so.

Two more things:

  1. Joanna we will all MISS YOU!!!!! (& your VERY HARDCORE barre class)
  2. We have a ‘Get Well Soon’ Card signing for Joanna in the studio until Sunday, if you want to leave her a message drop by the store 🙂
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