Dance Fitness

Cardio classes where you follow the instructor & dance. You don’t need to have dance or fitness background to join.

Hip Hop Fitness

In this high-energy class, you will learn fun hip-hop dance combinations while getting a great cardio workout. (Learn More)


Zumba incorporates Latin and World rhythms, such as Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, and Reggaeton, and is the perfect way to lose yourself in the music while improving your fitness. (Learn More)

K-Pop Fitness

Workout to K-Pop hits with a room full of other like-minded K-Pop fans. (Learn More)

Cardio Dance Fitness

An all time favorite for new and old customers. This class includes a variety of dance styles such as: Latin, Hip Hop, and belly dance. (Learn More)

Toning Classes

A mix of Dance Fitness & Strength + Light Weight Training. These are effective workouts that will tone your body. All the equipment you need for the classes will be provided


TRX is a suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. Perfect way to get stronger!

Total Body Conditioning

For those looking for the extra challenge. This class starts with a cardio warm up, followed by high intensity interval training for a full body workout, and ends with sweet stretching exercises that relax your muscle to prevent injuries.


Taught by professional Contemporary Dancers, this class starts with basic Ballet techniques to work on your body alignment and improve your posture. (Learn More)

Arms, Butt & Core

This is a strength training class designed specifically for women. Every class has a different circuit of 3 to 4 workout stations will be setup for you to work on that class’ targeted body parts (Arms, Butts & Core!). (Learn More)

Yoga Classes

Great for reducing your back & neck pain by increasing your core strength & flexibility. Our yoga classes are beginner friendly.

We provide the mat (you are also welcome to bring your own).

Flow Yoga

Inhale and exhale as you move gently and smoothly from one yoga pose to another in this flow-style Yoga class. (Learn More)


Therapy Yoga

Gentle yoga class designed to help with back, knee, shoulder and various common pains.

Bunny Yoga

This popular fundraiser class has been featured on BuzzFeed & CBC. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon doing yoga with bunnies! (Learn More)
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