Relaxing Afternoon of Yoga with Bunnies

Upcoming Sessions

We are adding 2 extra session in June. The dates are June 3, 10 & 24. More dates for 2018 to come!

To sign up, click on the session below that you want to attend. You will be required to complete your basic information to sign up & pay for the session. Mat rental is available.

Note: April & May sessions are cancelled because of a rabbit virus out break

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What’s Bunny Yoga?

This is a easy flow/yin yoga class with bunnies roaming around you. The bunnies are free to choose humans they like and explore the space while you practice yoga.

The yoga sequences are put together to be bun friendly and to encourage bunny-human interaction.

This class is beginner friendly and children friendly (6 years or older), and you get to hangout with the bunnies after class.

Feel free to bring your phone or camera and take lots of photos before, during, or after class and share your photos with us! #sunberryfitness #bunnyyoga

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You will be supporting

An Amazing Cause

Bunny yoga classes are charity events in support of Bandaids for Bunnies. They are a local bunny shelter located in Richmond completely run by volunteers. Proceed* goes to paying for Bunnies food, hay, and medical bills.

Bunnies are available for adoption and fostering (not just the ones in the class)

*total proceed less cost of running the class.



Can I bring my bunny?

Please leave your bunny at home. Rabbits are territorial animals. Two bunnies who are not pair-bonded can start attacking each another while defending their territory.

All of the bunnies at the yoga class are pair-bonded.

You are welcomed to take photos and video footage of the class. So you can share them with your bunny at home ๐Ÿ™‚

Can I bring my kids?

Children must be supervised by a parent or guardian during the event.

Children 6 years and older are welcomed. Children under 6 years old should have extensive animal experience.ย 

Please consult your doctor to make sure they do not have hay, rabbit or mite allergies.

Can I come and watch the class?

To ensure the studio is enjoyable and comfortable, we only allow ticket holders, staffs and volunteers during the class.

If you are a member of the media and would like to film or take photos of the class please contact usย ahead of time.

Can I adopt the bunnies?

Bandaids for Bunnies have bunnies available for fostering and adoption. View their animals on their Petfinder page. If you have fostering or adoption related questions, feel free to reach out to Janet or Krystal on Facebook or in person after the yoga class.

Not all of the bunnies at the yoga classes are up for adoption or fostering. Most of them are from a special group that Bandaids for Bunnies formed for educational and outreach purposes.

Can I take photos during class?

Yes, you are welcomed to bring your phone/camera to your yoga mat during class. Please have your phone on silent or airplane mode – it is still a yoga class!

Animal Safety

Can I pick the bunnies up?

Please don’t pick the bunnies up. They are prey animals and can become frightened when they involuntarily leave the ground.

Can I bring food for the bunnies?

Bandaids for Bunnies will supply all of the bunny food. You are welcomed to stay after class and feed them.

Media Inquiries

Can I use your footage?

We have two Bunny Yoga videos, and can share with them as is without obtaining our permission.


To use the video footage in your own video, reach out to the following people to inquire video licensing:

  2. Kirby or Yrbenka at Buzzefeed: or
Can we come and film?

Yes, please contact us in advance. Call 778-709-0351 or email at

Private Class

Do you do private classes?

We organize private sessions for individual groups. Please contact us with your event detail including contact, number of people, dates and other needs.

Availability will depend on Bandaid for Bunnies’ schedule


Nov 2016 Session

This Session's Story 3 months before the session, Bandaids for Bunnies rescued this gray, slightly big rabbit. A few weeks later a new litter was born. This is by no mean an unique rescue story, and as a result there are now a few more bunnies on the...

May 2016 Session

Baby Bunnies in the House! Awhile back Bandaids for Bunnies rescued a group of baby bunnies and their mom. Today was their exercise day ๐Ÿ™‚ The humans in the class were nice enough to let bunnies have their space.

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